Best Man

Favourite Memory of Dave and Helen:: It’s hard to pick one favourite memory of these 2, but if I had to narrow it down it’d be watching Coldplay with them at Glastonbury 2011. It was a really special night in a special place, sharing it with a very special couple. I knew that if they could get through 5 days of torrential rain in muddy fields and still be smiling to each other then they could get through anything together! :)

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Best Man

Favourite Memory of Dave and Helen: I have many fond memories of Dave & Helen, as I had the pleasure of living with them for over a year. From the fun filled evenings of DIY, to the numerous home cooked dinners (of which I was rarely chef) and gin soaked evenings outside by the fire. To pick one memory would be too difficult, for it is the collection that makes me smile most.

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The Groom

Favourite Memory of Helen: From riding the white water rapids of The Dominican Republic to driving around the south coast of Ireland together; Going to see the opera at the Arena di Verona to marvelling at the fireworks of the Festa del Redentore in Venice; and from our recent engagement in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican City to camping at our little spot by the river at the bottom of Thorpe Cloud in Derbyshire, I have far too many favourite memories to be able to pick one, but I can’t wait to make so many more! :-)

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The Bride

Favourite Memory of Dave: New Years Eve 2010 when Dave told me he loved me at midnight we were in Tilt and I ran to the toilet and called my mum and dad to tell them because I was so excited! Our first camping trip together, I arrived home from work on a Friday and Dave was waving frantically at me from our bedroom window, when I went upstairs he told me I had 15 mins to get ready because we were going camping. We went to a beautiful spot called Thorpe Cloud in Derbyshire, it was perfect we had champagne, beautiful food, and gorgeous views. My 30th Birthday Party and my surprise trip to my most favourite place in the world Italy!!! Lake Garda, bike rides, opera in Verona and the fireworks in Venice it was amazing! Another memory I have was our first night together in Barcelona eating lovely food on the balcony and people watching. I also have fond memories of Rome and the day Dave proposed, that was the best day of my life so far!!!!, I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you!

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Chief Bridesmaid

Favourite Memory of Dave and Helen: My fav memory of you is working extremely hard, playing extremely hard and carrying two watermelons up manny road at 5am. My fav memory of you both as a couple is putting the world to rights whilst cranking up the grammar phone and playing pick up sticks! ...makes us sound so wholesome, did I mention the 5 bottles of red? xxxx

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Matron of Honour

Favourite Memory of Dave and Helen:: Fav memory is day after mummy Lucy's wedding walking down Bridlington beach talking about the future, kids names etc, I knew you'd be together forever from then xx

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